Our Lighting Options
We have lots of different lighting options to suit your wedding reception or special occasion from Festoon to Twinkle lights, with most being battery operated or solar powered, so you do not need to worry about electricity options.  Lighting adds that extra special touch to your  indoor or evening event in a very economical way and they can be styled in so many ways to suit your chosen theme.  Do not hesitate to contact us about your lighting requirements.
  1. Festoon Lights
    Festoon Lights
  2. Seed (Twinkle) Lights
    Seed (Twinkle) Lights
  3. Fairy Lights - White
    Fairy Lights - White
  4. White Paper Lanterns
    White Paper Lanterns
  5. Vindustrial Hanging Light Bulbs
    Vindustrial Hanging Light Bulbs
  6. Rope Lights
    Rope Lights